namespaces not found while reading attributes in an Xelement

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    I am reading an xml doc in an Xdocument. There are several namespaces declared in the root node:
    <schema xmlns=" " xmlns:xbrli=" " xmlns:link=" "
    xmlns:xlink=" " xmlns:nflx=" " xmlns:xbrldt=" "
    targetNamespace=" " elementFormDefault="qualified" attributeFormDefault="unqualified" xmlns:num=" "
    xmlns:nonnum=" " xmlns:us-types=" " xmlns:invest="

    When I look at elements in the xdocument, I can always retrieve the correct namespace no problem: e.g.
    <link:roleType roleURI=" " id= "StatementConsolidatedBalanceSheets
    "<a> doc1.Root.Elements.ElementAt(0).Name.NamespaceName" returns: as expected.

    BUT when I do the same for an ATTRIBUTE in an element, I always get nothing, regardless of whether there is a prefix or not: e.g.
    <element id="ContentLibraryNetCurrent" name="ContentLibraryNetCurrent" nillable="true" type="xbrli:monetaryItemType" substitutionGroup="xbrli:item" xbrli:periodType="instant" xbrli:balance="debit" />

    "Element.Attributes.ElementAt(0).Name.NamespaceName" (no prefix) returns an empty string<br/>
    "Element.Attributes.ElementAt(3).Name.NamespaceName" (prefix is xbrli) also returns an empty string

    Anyone know what's up?<span style="color:#008000; font-size:small <span style="color:#008000; font-size:small <span style="color:#008000; font-size:small

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