textbox changed search datagridview row filtered......Read my qns fully....

Discussion in 'Windows Forms' started by DN Admin, Mar 30, 2012.

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    i am having a datagridview where the name of Dgview and textbox name is textbox1<br/>
    i want to search data according to textbox i want to write a code in events textbox1_changed whenever you write a word L in textbox so the dgview row select the row where the row starts with L and after that i press I so the select dgview row whrer the dgview
    row starts with LI please help me on dis problem
    and filterd the row also like LI means LI name list filtered the datagridview (like LIon,LInq,)
    note: datagridview already contain a databse table data in three field ProductId,ProductName,Company<br/>

    pls solve my problem...
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