how to read edid data direct from monitor (not registry)

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    the registry folder <br/>
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnumDISPLAY{Type}{SWnummer} Device Parameters<br/>
    contains the EDID data.
    But for some reasons I can not use those data from the registry. Therefore I have to read the
    EDID data direct from the monitor. How can this be done?
    I have the following ideas (but no complete solution for them):
    1. Using the VCP command 78h.<br/>
    But in the Windows API there is just a SetVCPFeature but no GetVCPFeature. ==> So what does the Windows
    API offer, to send the VCP command 78h to the monitor and to retrieve herewith the EDID data?
    I searched the MSDN, but I did not found a Windows API function, with which I can do that.
    Does somebody know such a function?
    2. Function to read direct from the I2C bus<br/>
    Wikipedia says here:<br/> <br/>
    that the EDID data can be read from the I2C bus (starting at address 0x50).
    But unfortunately I only found the Kernel mode functions I2CRead, ReadDataLine, etc...<br/>
    But I did not found a user mode function, that can be used to read the I2C bus.

    Does somebody know a user mode function, with which I can read the I2C bus?
    3. Some othe way(s) to read EDID data direct from the monitor<br/>
    Does somebody know another way, how I can read the EDID data directly from a monitor?

    Thanks in advance for your helpful answer(s).

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