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    Everything I've found on the internet so far says that I should be able to do this...but thus far, I can't get intellesence to recognize the XML comments.
    I have a function that has the sample XML comment
    /// <summary> is a method<br/>
    /// </summary><br/>
    inline NeoGetSettingResults SetNumArguments(int i);
    the xdc file gets made just fine:
    <?xml version="1.0"?><doc><br/>
    <member name="M:NeoPipelineManagement.NeoAlgorithmModule.SetNumArguments(System.Int32)" decl="true" source="c:tdnincludeneoalgorithmmodule.h" line="77 <br/>
    <summary> is a method<br/>
    But it does not show up in intellesense...I'm guessing I just need to point intellisense to the right folder. Any clues?


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