Channel 9 now has a Windows 8 app!

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    Hey folks, I’m sure a few of you have found it already, but there is a Channel 9 application in the Windows Store. The app lets you access all sorts of Channel 9 content, from the most recent to browsing back through past events, shows and series. You can find the app in the store by searching on 'Channel', or by going over to the 'Music & videos' category, clicking on the category title (to show all apps) and it will be listed right there. <img title="screenshot1" src="" alt="screenshot1" width="514" height="290" border="0 <img title="screenshot2" src="" alt="screenshot2" width="514" height="290" border="0 The app, written by Cara on our team, is a HTML/JavaScript app that handles all of the relevant Windows 8 integration points that we could think of, including: <ul>Search (open up the charms and click Search to look for content across all of the events, shows, series and blogs on Channel 9) Play To (while playing a video, open the charms menu again… if you have any play to devices configured you can shoot the video over to them). I’ve used this already to make a video play right onto the screen of another computer in the house, but I’m sure you can figure out some cooler uses Share (if you have any apps installed that let you share, then you can go to a Channel 9 post, open up the charms and click Share). Easy way to try this out is to make sure you have an email account set up, then sharing through email will be one of your choices! More features will be coming over time, and perhaps we can even post some early releases up here for people who would be interested in trying them out! <img title="screenshot3" src="" alt="screenshot3" width="514" height="290" border="0 Thanks for installing, and let us know what you think! Update: If you are browsing Channel 9 in IE 10 (Metro), then you can get to the app a whole lot quicker than going to the store and searching. Just bring up the address bar and there will be a circular button with the C9 guy in it... click that to either jump to the app's entry in the store or to launch the app if it is already installed. More details on how it works are available here: <img src="

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