VB SQL INSERT Command trims leading zeros.

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    When I try to insert a new row in my data table, the account_no field, PK, nvarchar(9), leading zeros are trimmed.
    String variable "000000010" is saved as "10".
    If I use SQL management to INSERT the row, then it is save correctly.
    Here is the code I am using.
    Private Sub SaveUserDefined(ByVal strDataTable As String, ByVal strAccount_no As String, _<br/>
    ByVal dateDate1 As Date, ByVal dateDate2 As Date)<br/>
    'called from utilconvertrcleducid<br/>
    'saves rcleduc_id in the names and rclhistory tables<br/>
    Dim objCommand3 As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand()<br/>
    Dim objConnection As New SqlConnection(strConnection)<br/>
    strAccount_no = "000000010"<br/>
    dateDate1 = SqlDateTime.Null<br/>
    dateDate2 = SqlDateTime.Null<br/>
    'set the SQLCommand object properties<br/>
    objCommand3.Connection = objConnection<br/>
    objCommand3.CommandText = "INSERT INTO names2 " & _<br/>
    "(account_no, date1, date2) " & _<br/>
    "VALUES(" & strAccount_no & ", " & dateDate1 & ", " & dateDate2 & ")"<br/>
    objCommand3.CommandType = CommandType.Text<br/>
    'open Connection<br/>
    If objConnection.State = ConnectionState.Closed Then objConnection.Open()<br/>
    Catch SqlExceptionErr As SqlException<br/>
    End Try<br/>
    'close connection<br/>
    If objConnection.State = ConnectionState.Open Then objConnection.Close()<br/>
    'dispose of objects<br/>
    If Not IsNothing(objCommand3) Then objCommand3.Dispose()<br/>
    End Sub
    Any help would be appreciated.

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