how to check an attribute value when that attribute may or may not exist

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    My LINQ statement looks like
    <pre class="prettyprint List<XElement> filteredset = (from file in matchingsets.Elements<XElement>(Global.xnFile) where (((string)file.Attribute(Global.xnToKeep).Value != "*")
    && ((string)file.Attribute(Global.xnProtected).Value != "*") & & File.Exists(file.Attribute(Global.xnPath).Value)) select file).ToList<XElement>(); </pre>
    My problem is that neither file.Attribute(Global.xnToKeep). nor file.Attribute(Global.xnProtected) are guaranteed to exist in file. So, I need to test their existence before testing what their value is. How do I do that in a LINQ statement?<br/>

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