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Forms inheritance in VB 2010

Discussion in 'Visual Basic .Net' started by DN Admin, Dec 31, 2012.

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    <pre class="prettyprint lang-vb I have a form that has my base class that I would like a. create a child with two variables (one is string and the other is an array. I am getting an error stating that " 'Class Main.StimExam2' must declare a 'Sub New' because its base class 'Main.MyMainFormClass' doesn't have an accessible 'Sub New' I appreciate any hint, <span style="font-size:15.5pt; line-height:115%; font-family:'Courier New'; color:#2B91AF ‘Child form
    Public Class StimExam2
    Inherits MyMainFormClass
    Dim answerarray As String() = {"B", "C", "B", "D", "D", "B", "D", "A", "D", "B"}
    Dim StimExam2 As New MyMainFormClass ("P", answerarray)

    End Class
    '------ end of the child form---------------

    ‘ in main form class = MyMainFormClass, I added the following to initiate the two variables

    Private examFirstLetter As String ' first letter of the exam files
    Private QA As String() ' array of questions anawers

    Public Sub New(ByVal name As String, ByVal answerarray As String())
    myletter = name ' initiate the first letter
    QA = answerarray

    End Sub 'NEW

    Public Property myletter() As String
    Return examFirstLetter

    End Get
    Set(ByVal value As String)
    examFirstLetter = Name

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